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Save thousands of dollars and build your path to financial freedom, by owning your home sooner.

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  • Interest Rates as low as 2%
  • Own your own home sooner
  • Save thousands of dollars every year in interest
  • Reduce your home loan term substantially
  • Grow the equity in your home faster

A traditional loan structure will see a very small discount on your owner-occupier, or ‘home’ loan. This means that you’ll be paying nearly equal interest on both loans, but only getting a tax deductible advantage on your investment loan.

By bundling your loans with Crown Rate Reducer, we’ll help you dial down the interest rate on your home loan, so you can pay off the principal faster and own your home faster. Plus, as your loan balance reduces every year – so too does your interest rate, down to 2%. How good is that for motivation?

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Are you on the hunt for a home loan and considering recruiting the help of a mortgage broker in Perth?

Are you like 74% of the population wanting to achieve financial freedom?  Do you want to own your own home outright in the shortest possible timeframe and retire comfortably debt free potentially owning an investment property or two?

If so, you need a mortgage and more importantly a mortgage broker that works for you!  The big question is how do you differentiate between mortgage brokers and with hundreds of different loans to choose from how can you know which product is right for ‘you’ and your ever changing personal circumstances?

Crown Money Management, Perth’s leading mortgage broker has been helping Western Australians since 2002 is here to help!

Are you aware on average Perth residents refinance their home loan every 3.9 years? 

One major downside to refinancing your home loan is that the banks and most mortgage brokers will reset your loan term back to the original 25 or 30 years which means you’re then back at the start of your home loan cycle again where the majority of your monthly repayments are just covering the interest and very little is paid off your principal. 

Generally the banks and most mortgage brokers aim to put you in debt and keep you in debt for as long as possible; that’s how they make money.  They’ll generally abandon you as soon as your mortgage settles, leaving you with a 30 year mortgage, no assistance and very little opportunity to achieve your dream of owning your own home. 


This is where Crown Money Management is very different.  As Australia’s leader in debt & mortgage broking solutions we specialise in getting our clients out of debt faster, by helping them master their money through our unique cash flow and debt reduction system.

Not only do we have access to all lenders and can offer interest rates as low as 2.00%, we partner with you for the life of your mortgage helping you budget and manage your money more effectively every step of the way. 

In essence what sets us apart is the way we care for our clients and one of the keys to our success and the success of our clients is through our regular monthly contact with each and EVERY client. 

Crown provides you with a dedicated wealth coach for the life of your mortgage who will work with you on establishing your cash flow and start setting some debt reduction goals.  They’ll also help you track your financial progress and keep you accountable – similar to that of a Personal Trainer!   We believe what gets measured gets done and the proof is in the results.   Many of our clients have gone from being in debt for 30 years to paying off their home loan off in less than 15 years!

Crown is proud to be helping everyday Australians live debt free by focusing on using their mortgage as a total wealth and savings management solution so why not take control of your financial situation and make your money work for you.

Wealth creation is all about momentum so start dealing with your debt and start creating equity.  We’re here to help shift your focus to debt reduction and being Debt Free.  As a valued Crown mortgage broker client we’ll help you manage your hard earned money more effectively allowing you to create equity and pay off your home loan faster.


Our Perth mortgage brokers can also assist you leverage the equity you create in your home to use it as a deposit for your next property and continue the positive cycle of good debt.

Do you think you could benefit from our expertise in working out the best financial strategy for you and your family to be Debt Free and have the financial security you desire?  We offer you a free money coaching session where you’ll get your own Personalised Financial Dashboard, proven strategies to help you pay less tax, pay off your debt in record time and measure your current cash flow and equity position.

Crown’s mortgage brokers in Perth have already helped thousands of Australians realise their home ownership dreams and get out of debt sooner, helping them on the path to true financial security.

*Comparison rates are calculated on the basis of secured credit of $150,000 over a 25 year term. Please note this comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.