The whole key to living a fulfilled and happy life is Contribution and Growth. When you are able to donate your time and money towards areas you wish to give, the feeling you get inside is true fulfilment and the universe rewards you 10-fold. Contribution is something which I have embraced more and more into my everyday life. I used to be of the mindset that once I have made X amount of $, then I’ll start to donate. The reality
is that the universe doesn’t work that way.

The lesson for me was, as soon as I started to contribute and donate my time, energy, and money, then all of a sudden I made X amount of $. This revolves around the concept that the universe won’t give you any more money until it can see that you can handle what you’ve already got.

It doesn’t just have to be money though, you can contribute the most valuable of all contributions and that is your time.

I have never been so touched and grateful than after spending time with some kids at an orphanage in Bali. These kids weren’t about money, they just wanted your attention (time). I played soccer, basketball and football for days with them and seeing the excitement and happiness in their eyes as they ran around was one of the most empowering moments of my life. Orphans are all lacking one major aspect that we all take for granted,
that is the feeling that we have someone (usually our parents, family or friends) who have “got our back” and will support us unconditionally.

I urge you to find somewhere in your life that you can give back. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Is there a local charity that does work that is close to your heart who would appreciate some help?

What do you value in your life and have the privilege of experiencing that others don’t?

Education, a warm meal, clothing, or perhaps even a pram for your child. There are some amazing charities where you could donate your time, money or items you no longer need, to help support those who are unfortunately unable to provide for themselves right now.

By giving back to those in need I hope that you too find that this is the secret to true fulfilment in life.

Scott Parry

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